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My First Gay Sex Experience - Part 4

My First Gay Sex Experience - Part 4

By bimaleohio46 yahoo - Aug 27, 2008 - From gay-erotic-stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 23464 I had been getting sucked and sucking and fucking him almost everyday for maybe a little over a month when this happened. I got there as usual to deliver his newspaper one afternoon and he met me in the hallway. I handed him his paper and he looked up and down the hall to make sure no one was there and he took his hand and put it on my cock which had already started getting hard just thinking about doing it with him again on the way there. He looked at me and said, do you want to come in for awhile? I was so excited and looked at him and said yes, he opened the door and led me into his apartment. Once inside he helped me off with my paper bag and looked at me and started rubbing my cock and he bent down and kissed me sticking his tounge in my mouth and I was so excited, he took my hand and placed it on his cock and I started rubbing his cock through his pants as he did it to mine. We stood there for awhile kissing and stroking each other.
We broke the kiss and he looked at me and said we are going to have a lot of fun today. I didn't know what he meant by that and he said let's go into the bedroom and I followed him and he kept his hand on my cock the whole time stroking me. We got to the bedroom and he started taking my clothes off and kissing me as he did it and I was really getting turned on by this time. He got all of my clothes off and had me undress him. As I did he told me to kiss his body and I took his shirt off first and he put his hand on the back of my head and told me to kiss and lick his nipples, I did as he asked then I got on my knees and went to remove his pants and found that he had already unfastened I pulled them down and he stepped out of them. After he was naked I leaned in and started kissing his cock which was as hard as a rock. He looked down at me and said you are one horny little guy today arenÂ’t you? I just nodded my head and kept kissing his hard cock. He pulled my head away from his cock and said let's move to the bed and I got up and followed him to the bed.
He got on the bed and pulled me on with him and started kissing me again and rolled me on top of him. As he was kissing me his hands were rubbing my back and my little ass. At one point while he was rubbing my ass he started playing with my little asshole. I didn't like it at first but the more he did it the better it felt and I started to like having my ass played with. After awhile of kissing and him caressing me he rolled me onto my back and started kissing my neck and down to my nipples and he sucked them for awhile . Then he kissed his way down to my cock and he started licking it and I looked down at him and said please suck me. Just as he put my cock in his warm mouth and started sucking it a woman's voice called out to him from the other room. I got scared and started losing my hard on as he stopped sucking me he said relax it's just my sister and her and I have had sex before. Just as he said that he told her he was in the bedroom, I was still scared and didn't know if I wanted her to see me naked on his bed. Just as he started sucking my cock again she appeared at the bedroom door and she said well, well what do we have here.
He looked over at her and took his mouth off my cock long enough to introduce me to her. She said it looks like you 2 are having fun. She was about his age maybe a little young than him and he looked at me and said it's ok. She sat down on the bed and said can I watch you suck his little hard cock and he told her yes but she would have to be naked if she wanted to stay. She said that's not a problem big brother. She stood up and started undoing her blouse and as she did I could not take my eyes off her as she pulled it off and undid he bra and let them fall to the floor I could not believe how big and beautiful her tit's were and I just kept starring at them as I had never seen a woman naked before. She took off he shorts and panty's watching my face the whole time. She smiled at me and said do you like looking at my naked body and I said yes I did and as I looked at her my cock got hard again I didn't know if it was from the way he was sucking and licking it or if it was seeing her naked body, probably both . She came over to the bed and layed down beside me and started caressing my chest and she leaned down and kissed me. After a little while of her kissing me she kissed her way down my body to where her brother was sucking my cock and she took ahold of it and asked him if she could have a taste of that hard little cock, he took his mouth off me and it was replace by her hot mouth and I thought I was going to blow my load as she took my cock all the way in her warm mouth. She sucked on my cock for a little while and as she did he had moved up and was kneeling beside my head.
She stopped sucking me long enough to look at me stroking his hard cock and she said I want to see you suck my brother's big hard cock. I leaned over and took the head of his cock in my mouth and she was saying that's it suck his cock for me all the while she was stroking mine she told me over and over to suck that big cock for her. I did and I felt her start sucking me and I looked down and she was watching me suck him while she sucked me. She told her brother to come down and help her suck me he layed over me in a 69 position and I felt both of them licking and taking turns sucking me. I told them I could not take to much more before I shot my load. They stopped sucking me and he got up and knelt back beside my head and told me to keep sucking him as I did she slid up the bed beside me and layed down beside me and what she did next kind of shocked me she said to me do you want me to help you with that big cock and she took it out of my mouth and started sucking it her and I would take turns sucking it then she got up and went around behind him and she said you suck his cock I want to lick his asshole. She started licking his asshole and let out a moan and said that's it bitch eat my ass while he sucks my cock. After a little while she came back around and watched me sucking him and she said would you like to suck my tit's and I just looked at her and said yes. I started sucking her big tit's and her brother got down between her legs and started licking her down there. She said this feels so good having the both of you doing me.
After awhile he said would you like to see her pussy and I said yes I'd like that. I went down an layed between her legs and he was licking her and said she taste so good and she is so wet. He said would you like to taste her and I told him I did and I stuck my tounge out and placed it on her pussy and he told me just to lick it she had put her hand down there and pulled it open for me and I licked her pussy and it tasted good. She told me to swing my legs around so she could suck me while I licked her I did and she started sucking me after awhile of her and I sucking each other she told her brother to lay down beside her with his head by her pussy and she told him she was going to cum soon and she wanted him to lick her pussy and she wanted to see me suck his cock as she sucked me . It wasn't long before she said she was going to cum and she kept sucking my cock as I sucked his and we all three came about the same time He shot his load in my mouth as I shot my load in her hot mouth after she finished draining my cock she said to me don't swallow all of his cum I want to see you kiss my brother and feed him some of his own cum I did as she said and we all collapsed on the bed and she said this was really hot. We all got dressed and I went and finished my paper route. Next time I'll write about the first time I got to fuck him and her.

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