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Compatibility, Love, Trust and Laughter Will Bring Great Sex to a Relationship By Barry Stewart

Right at the start of any relationship, it's all about sex, which is all fine and healthy, but how do you maintain that initial lust long term? Well the secret is compatibility. Any two consenting adults can have sex, whether it's good, bad or indifferent. If you want it to become a long lasting relationship there has to be a lot more to it than just sex. There has to be the most important commodity in any relationship, communication. If you don't talk to each other, on a daily basis or spend time just talking about anything, could be politics, music, family, ambitions, books, music or anything. It could be absolute rubbish, it does not matter as long as you talk and laugh with each other, then that will go a long way to being able, and wanting, to spend your time together. That person, not only is your lover but also your best friend, who you want to experience as much as you can with, and be with as much as possible.
Trust is not something that comes automatically to any relationship, but without it there isn't much chance of it lasting long. The most common cause of a lack of trust in a relationship is that, probably in a previous relationship one of you were on the end of lies and deception. It might not have been your last relationship. Indeed, it could have been your first, but it has stayed with you since, and you don't seem able to trust. If you are going to embark on a long, lasting relationship then you have to treat everyone as a individual and not assume that everyone is going to be the same, otherwise your life will remain empty and unfulfilled. The most common mistake we make is overlooking things. That could spell the start of mistrust such as a partner not being in a place where they said they would be or switching their phone off on a regular basis, when out, so watch for Little signs and confront your partner if you don't  like what's happening. If it's early on in the relationship, all the better to get out and cut your losses.
Love can be instant. It can hit you like a rocket, launching into the night sky at a million miles an hour. It can be something that can build up gradually like a flower coming into full bloom. Which one will last the longest. who knows? Whatever way it happens, it wont last if you're not compatible. You have to have common interests otherwise how is it going to work? Answer?  It's not. If one of you is into classical music and the other one is into, let's say heavy rock you're not going to many concerts together are you? When your idea of a great night out is getting drunk, and the other ones idea of a great night is going to the cinema with a popcorn and juice then you aren't going out together are you? It's like one of you having a high sex drive and the others is very low. Whichever way you looking at it, it's going to cause problems so after that initial sex filled couple of months die down and you can't even find a common subject to talk about what  are you going to do?  Call it a day or try and find some common ground. That would be the individuals decision, but i would question if it would last.
one thing that can really enhance a relationship is the ability to laugh together. If you have the same sense of humor, then that is nearly as good as having the same sex drive.  To be able to laugh at each other and yourselves is a great thing. To be lying on your bed or sitting in the lounge watching a DVD or film and the two of you laughing at the same thing at the same time is one of the biggest joys in the world.
You can't make yourself compatible to anyone. That would just be false, be yourself and you will find compatibility and you will know it when it happens, because after all the 24 hour sex has got to a normal level and you spend time doing other things, where before it was sex , sex and more sex you now appear to be more compatible as you now spend time talking, going out, watching TV, listening to music and best of all making plans for the future. What does all that bring? Great sex because sex is only a part of the relationship. Yes it's still a big part but it's not the be all and end all, and anyway if you having sex a bit less it probably means that when you do, it's better. In a lot of cases less is more.
Barry_Stewart Barry_Stewart

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